Pray First & Go Vote!

Friday, October 31st, 2014 @ 9:43PM

John Paterson, 58, from Ardrossan, Scotland, was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2014. He continued working through August 2014 despite undergoing aggressive treatment. He wanted to visit his sister Mairi McCartney in Arkansas during September 2014 with his girlfriend of many years, Ellen. He had planned to get married at Lake Ouachita.
John had never been married and he had asked Ellen several times through the years. This time she said “Yes,” but John’s illness was progressing quickly and the trip to Arkansas wasn’t possible.

In the last month of John’s life he got to do two things that were very important to him. First, on September 11, he married Ellen. His sister Mairi was Matron of Honor and his life-long friend Eddie was his Best Man. Second, on September 18, John got up from his bed with assistance from Ellen and Mairi for his last trip out of the house to cast his vote in the historic Scottish Referendum. As a life-long Scottish Nationalist (as was his father), the Referendum had monumental significance. A record setting 84.6% of Scots voted.

John died on September 28, 2014. The last official matter he took care of on this side of eternity was voting.

The 2014 midterm Election Day is Tuesday November 4. I hope all of us take seriously our right and responsibility to vote as John did. My hope is that God’s people will seek His guidance and vote with integrity and conviction, no matter the circumstances.

Pray first and go vote!

Representative Kim Hammer

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