What People Are Saying

Bob Wiegel

“Rep. Kim Hammer came to my rescue during a difficult struggle with a state agency’s policies. I was in need of documentation in order to make a closing date on a home for my family and was notified that an extended mandatory period of 30 days would be required before I could receive the needed documentation. After much frustration and phone calls, I turned to Rep. Hammer for help. He returned my initial call within minutes, even though he was traveling at the time. He was very sympathetic and asked me to email details and he would see what he could do. Within 30 minutes I received a personal call from the head of the legal department of this agency and was told I could I could get my needed document the next morning! I thank Rep. Hammer for ‘representing’ me in my dealings with the State and helping our family secure our home. Thanks, Kim!” 

- Dr. Robert (Bob) Wiegel -

Melissa White

“I wanted to express my gratitude for listening to my concerns related to a health care claim. You were a wealth of information and helped me to resolve the issue in a timely matter. You are an asset to our community and state. I appreciate you listening and caring enough to help those whom you have been elected to represent. I have been involved in many activities in this community and I commend your character and honesty. You are a great example to our young people and an exemplary leader. Thank you.”

- Melissa White -

Allison Mitchell

“I was devastated my sophomore year when I was told I would not be getting the Lottery Scholarship again due to an AP credit I received in high school. Kim Hammer learned of my situation and through his actions I was able to receive my scholarship again. It is such a blessing to have not just a state representative, but a member of my community care enough to help me, a struggling college student, when no one else would. Thank you Kim!!”

- Allison Mitchell -

Barbary Gill

“I was awakened in the middle of the night to a phone call from the Pillippines where my brother has lived the last 6 years. My sister-in-law called and due to a language barrier, I was only able to get bits and pieces. From what I could understand, she told me that my brother was rushed to the hospital and not breathing, and was then placed on life support. I felt helpless not knowing what was going on with him. Kim heard me talking to a cooworker and could tell I was dsitraught. He came to me and said, ‘Barbara, give me his information.’ Within 30 minutes I had received a call from the State Department. They connected me with an interpreter and the doctor who was treating my brother. I was able to have all my questions answered and what a relief it was to know what was going on! The next day I received another call from the State Department to make sure all of my questions had been answered. Kim also called me aside and prayed for my brother. I will never foget his kindness in my time of need.”

- Barbary Gill -

Colleen Huthmaker

“My son was diagnosed with human growth hormone deficiency at age 8. The disease keeps him from growing and gaining weight. He was 8 years old and in size 3T. The only treatment is very expensive growth hormone shots that my insurance refused to cover. His doctor and I tried everything to get them to cover the shots. One day in a fit of despair, I called and asked Kim if there was anything he could do to help. He quickly came to my aid. Kim contacted the insurance board who put me in contact with a company that helps kids with GHD get the meds they need. The company has given us a year of shots for free. He has gained 15 pounds and is 5 inches taller! I am so thankful to have a representative who truly does ‘represent.'”

- Colleen Huthmaker -